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Accomplished Florida Attorney Resolves Complex Tax Issues

Experienced Lake County law firm works hard to protect your assets

Like estate planning, tax planning requires patience, consideration and a skilled lawyer. Without a tax attorney by your side, you risk mistakes, a lower tax return, and even an audit.

Since 1981, William H. Cauthen, P.A. has provided clients in and around Lake County, FL with knowledgeable tax law guidance. As a Florida Bar Board Certified tax lawyer, I understand the importance of proper tax planning. I also know that taxes can be intimidating. Rest assured that I will guide you every step of the way, ensuring paperwork is filled out and submitted correctly. I have a thorough understanding of the tax code and I am ready to work tirelessly to protect your assets now and into the future.

Skilled lawyer assists with estate and gift tax returns

The federal estate tax and gift amount for 2016 is $5,450,000. That figure represents the total amount that you can give away or leave to descendants without owing federal or gift taxes. When creating your estate plan, you must be aware of the current market value of your estate and assets. If you have exceeded the federal estate tax limit or are close to exceeding it, contact my law office as soon as possible. I can carefully analyze your assets and estate and determine what money-saving strategies exist.

Should you wish to leave a relative a substantial gift, I can help you file a federal gift tax return. (Florida does not impose a state gift tax, so there is no need to file a state return.) Gift taxes apply under the following circumstances:

  • Gifts in excess of $14,000 to any one person in a calendar year will trigger the requirement to file — but taxes will not normally be due unless the giver is very wealthy and has given millions of dollars in gifts over his/her lifetime.
  • If total gifts made over the giver’s lifetime exceed the federal limit, then gift taxes may be due.

As a certified tax lawyer, I can guide you through the process and ensure the right form (IRS Form 709) is filled out and submitted.

Dealing with an estate tax audit

As a tax attorney, I know how worrisome an IRS audit can be. Relatively few income tax returns are audited, but estate tax return audits are on the rise. The IRS may choose to essentially “freeze” an estate until it has had sufficient time to review and accept the return. The best defense against estate audits is meticulous planning. My goal is to compile accurate information supported by thorough documentation to increase credibility. If you find out you’re being audited, contact me immediately — I can handle all correspondence with the federal government on your behalf. Additionally, I will review your return at length to determine the cause of the audit, see if any mistakes have been made, and explain your options for appealing.

Sound tax planning advice for businesses and individuals

Both business owners and individuals can benefit greatly from tax planning. I provide skilled guidance to both groups on ways to minimize tax liabilities and save time and money.

By hiring a tax planning lawyer for yourself or your business, you get a professional who:

  • Is detail-oriented — It is to most filers’ advantage to hire a tax attorney. Many self-submitted income tax returns contain minor typos and grammatical errors that can translate into costly mistakes. And without the assistance of a knowledgeable professional, you may fail to take legitimate deductions.
  • Understands the tax code — If you own a business or are filing an individual tax return, you may be missing out on money-saving opportunities because you lack a sufficient understanding of the law. I scrutinize every detail of your tax return, your income and any businesses you might own to find asset-saving opportunities.
  • Uses tax planning engagements — Both businesses and individuals can better understand potential tax savings and their federal and state liability through tax planning engagements. I know the questions to ask to determine whether you are entitled to actual tax savings.

The best tax planning does more than save you money — it provides you with peace of mind. By having a skilled and experienced tax lawyer at your side, you can rest assured knowing your tax documents are filled out accurately and correctly.

Consult with a knowledgeable taxation lawyer in Tavares, FL today

If you need tax assistance, William H. Cauthen, P.A. is ready to help. I draw on more than 40 years of experience in offering you sound and skilled advice. For more information about how I can serve you, contact my Tavares office online or by phone at 352-561-8608.